The 2018 Utah Foot Zone Conference was another amazing year of education for seasoned Foot Zone practitioners and beginners alike. The many participants were very grateful once again for the conference that was put together, but even more we heard that it was life changing to many who came to learn and that the feeling of the whole conference atmosphere was incredibly warm, inviting, uplifting, uniting and healing to those who came.

We had presenters who came whole heartedly to teach new signals, strategies, techniques and more that were greatly received and cherished by the attendees. We are grateful for the local and international presenters who traveled from near and far to teach advanced and beginner classes so that there was education for all who were wanting to learn and add to their skill set.

One thing about the Utah foot zone conference is the relationships that are created and the unity of the foot zone community that has been established because of the many great leaders and people that have come together and unite for the purpose of the people and foot zone community. That is something that couldn’t have been created any other way.

Because of the Utah Foot Zone Conference and the efforts of the committee and conference organizers, the foot zone community is being recognized by the local communities they serve for the wellness and compassion that has been felt through their service in the community.

To the Utah Foot Zone Conference – it’s the people that matter and bringing the foot zone community together with education is empowering and uniting for greater change in the lives of individuals one foot at a time.

We thank all those who participated in the 2018 Utah Foot Zone Conference and the many people who have helped bring it together for a successful, empowering and uniting conference.


Jamie H Jensen