Faith, Feet & Lemons was created to simplify and bring ease into Zoning.  We’ve incorporated Reiki and the Zone Restoration to bring a beautiful blend of physical and energetic movement!
In my course we go into detail on bringing balance through;
•Light Therapy
•High Quality Essential oils
•Raising vibrational frequency w/ Crystals
•Releasing negative & bringing in positive energy w/ smudging
•Quality high frequency music & dance
•Power of writing and burning
Here at Faith, Feet & Lemons we love to continue to learn & grow!  It’s all about taking that leap of Faith and believing in yourself!  You are more capable than you know.
Follow what feels right for you and you’ll always find fulfillment in life!  There is so much good in all varieties of Zoning, you get to find your niche now!!  God Bless!!
Tasha Walker