Dear Members,

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I accept the position of Chairman for the Utah Foot Zone Association. It has been a dream of mine for many years to create a vehicle where we foot zoners could all work together, and collectively share the many things that we were all learning via separate schools and personal study. Now that we have created this association it will take work, dedication and sacrifice to bring this to complete fulfillment. Seldom is anything really good ever accomplished without struggle and change. We are now in a very important place with the Association, and we all need to pull together to build the unity we all want to enjoy.

Many of you have already benefited from the past two wonderful conferences, and they were just the beginning of sharing and learning together. My vision for the future is to strengthen and grow our Association thus allowing us to bond together to share our passion and knowledge for the health modality of Foot Zone Therapy. It will be beneficial to all, fun, and rewarding to work together with all of you to accomplish this goal.

I look forward to serving you and working with any of you who would like to participate in developing this vital Association for us all.

Kathy Duvall,
Utah Foot Zoners Association