by Michael Duvall, National Marketing Director

Question: Do you want to make a real difference with your Foot Zoning?

Then embrace the fact that you’ll have to become a marketer of your services. No option.

Does that intimidate or leave a bad taste? Why? Marketing is the lifeblood of any service or product and it doesn’t stop when you get the client. Retention and referrals are the holy grail of successful businesses.

Websters Definition of Marketing: The process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service. Let’s define each as it pertains to you and your business.


*  What do you promote?

Yourself. It emanates in all you do and say.

*  Your client or potential client will form their first impression of you 20 seconds. …How you look; What you say; How you “feel” to them is vitally important.

* On a new client’s first appt. Make them feel welcomed and comfortable. If you have a      brochure give them one. Make your Zoning environment just right

*  Give them a really great Zone.

* Explain to them the benefits of Foot Zone Therapy.  There are many.

* Give every client business cards to share with others. At least 2.

Selling: Don’t let this word turn you off. We all do it every day in our lives one way or another.

*  Get a yes, or no thanks for an appointment. No thanks is ok.

*  You must ask the question…Shall we schedule you? If they are reluctant ,ask what their      concern is and what is holding them back. Answer all their questions in a relaxed mode and be sure they know the potential benefits of Zoning to them personally.

*  If it is still a “No Thanks”………That’s is just fine. Thank them for considering the possibilities  then ask them “Who do you know that may like to perhaps have a zone?”. Never ask “Do you know?” Always ask “Who do you know?”

Distributing: You are distributing your Foot Zone Service.

*  When they are in the chair…..and on future Zones.

*  On a clients first visit: explain FZT; what to expect; what not to expect; encourage

Questions; Never ever overstate possible results, make promises or diagnose

*  Clients ongoing visits: Give them the whole experience. Music; comfortable chair;

Surroundings in the room; your attitude; your “feel”; your tenderness; your zoning skill; humility etc. In other words invest in your clients environment.

Marketing Tips


  1. Provide something of value. The first step is recognizing that marketing is asking for someone else’s time, money and attention. You need to provide something worthy of those valuable commodities. So keep your message brief and interesting. When you educate other people, they’ll pay attention. Share a story or two about your Zoning success with other clients. If you bore them, they will not come back or give you referrals. Broaden your knowledge of health–natural health etc. Invest time in learning more about good health beyond Zoning and share where appropriate.
  2. Know your hook. Imagine you are a reporter who wants to write an article about your company. What’s the hook? What’s the angle that will be interesting to someone who normally wouldn’t care about FZT? What’s unique about your story? Focus on them—their health etc. This is also a good place to share a story.
  3. Stand for something. Know and expose the Academy Of Foot Zone Therapy philosophy and purposes. Let them know you are part of something bigger with a purpose. You can share stories of how people have been helped here too. Your certification and association with AFZT will propel you forward in their minds.
  4. Get your face out there. It’s tempting to think you can do it all from a keyboard. But emails are a poor substitute for real, face-to-face interactions. Go to conferences and meet ups, take someone you admire out to lunch, etc. See if there is a Business Networking International networking group in your area.
  5. Work to build real, sustained relationships. Be a friend instead of a gal or guy trying to get something. Keep your interactions human with a focus on, and interest in, THEM. Seek out ways to help your clients. Successful client relationships are like any other long-term relationship: They start with a foundation of communication and showing you care about the other person. It’ll all come back to you.….many times over
  6. Give stuff away for free. People love free. Offer a free generic health brochure or ½ off on their next zone if they refer someone etc. There is a wonderful and informative black and white brochure on the AFZ web site you can order as an excellent give away…with client benefits. It’s called What Is Disease.”
  7. 7. Ride the wave. Seek momentum in your business and ride it when it happens. Was everyone buzzing about the iPad? They could be buzzing about your FZT. When Kathy’s Zoning business hit momentum she was interviewed for a general interest story in our local newspaper. The results were amazing. She was getting calls YEARS later from the article. Call and ask your newspaper if they are looking for local interest stories….new business in town etc.
  8. 8. Be in it for the long haul. Recognize that promotion, like other aspects of building a business, takes time and effort. If you’re starting from scratch, you have to claw your way up. It’s uncanny how many “overnight success stories” you hear about that are actually people who busted their bunns for a period to get into the position where it really was working. Don’t expect instant success.
  9. 9. Be undeniably good. Pay the price in time and energy to get really good at Foot Zone Your business and income will take care of itself if you do. Attend all Zoning conferences. Be on every AFZT monthly call and go the AFZT web site to listen to the calls you could not make. Work with your instructor on any needs or challenges you have. They are your first source for everything. Network with other AFZT Zoners on any applicable subject.


13 Marketing Tools

* Local Newspaper press releases

* Tri-Fold brochure

* Business cards

* Local events

* Your clients written testimonials…3rd party validation. 200-300 words

* Reverse referrals with many health entity’s (offer owners a free Zone)

* AFZ web site—Get your name and contact info on the web site.

* Newspaper interviews

* Radio interviews

* Create an email template communication for interested parties about Zoning and classes if    you are an Instructor.

* Gift certificates

* ½ off to free Zone for a new client referral

* And just you and your passion, energy and belief as you meet and talk with people



Many people think marketing is a battle of products.  In the long run, they figure, the best product will win. Marketing people get secure in the knowledge that they have the best product, and that ultimately the best product will win.  It’s an illusion.  All that exists in the  world of marketing are perceptions in the minds of the customer or prospective client.  The perception is the reality.  Everything else is an illusion.

Truth and perception become fused in the mind, with no difference between the two.

Truth is nothing more or less than one expert’s perception.  And who is the expert.  It is someone who is perceived to be an expert in the mind of somebody else.  That’s YOU

If you would like a file with the Tri-Fold brochure or template for business cards contact AFZT Co-Founder Christine Christensen at

Enjoy the journey. You are in a position to impact many lives for the better with your skill, knowledge and desire to serve. You can also be well paid for your service if you treat it like a business and not a hobby.

Your colleagues at The Academy Of Foot Zone Therapy