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Step 1: Overview and Instructions TRAINING PROGRAM MEMBERSHIP
Identifies a Foot Zone Training Program which is in compliance with State and National laws and is qualifying their students for Professional Membership in the UFZA, by providing them minimum UFZA Educational Requirements.

Your Registered Training Program will receive additional exposure by being listed in the Utah Foot Zone Association (UFZA) Directory. Your Graduates may be admitted into the UFZA as Professional Members identifying them as qualified to legally practice Foot Zone Therapy in the State of Utah.

Begin your application by reviewing items 1 - 4 below. When you have gathered the necessary information select the Proceed button.
  1. Requirements
    • Certify you are meeting UFZA Minimum Educational Requirements
    • Agree to abide by the UFZA Professional Standards of Practice
    • Agree to abide by the UFZA Code of Ethics
    • (Full text for these requirements is available on the next page)
  2. Training Program Information
    • Contact Information
    • Your State Business Registration Number
      • If you are doing business in Utah and have not registered your business name with the state, you may do so HERE
    • Training Program 3 digit Prefix# (This will be the first three digits of the UFZA#'s for your program's Foot Zone graduates)
    • Federal EIN#
      • If you do not have a Federal EIN#, you may apply for one HERE
    • Training Program Owner(s) Foot Zone Education Details
  3. Photo/Logo
    • Upload an image or logo for your Training Program Profile (Optional)
  4. Fees
    • Pay your UFZA Fees
      • Annual Fees are currently $100.00/Year
      • Fees are payable by Credit Card or Paypal
      • Fees will charged annually on a recurring payment plan with your UFZA membership until cancelled.
  5. Time Commitment
    • Up to 10 hours/year of donated time (to ensure the association continues to best represent the needs of Utah training programs):
      • Serve on the Ethics Committee.
      • Promote the UFZA Conference.
      • Reviewing Official Documents.

Step 1: Requirements Please read the terms set out below and ensure that you agree to or have completed the terms outlined

Educational Standards
I hereby certify that my training program is presently, and will in the future conform to the following UFZA Minimum Educational Requirements:

  1. Train students as follows:
    • Provide a minimum of 80 hours of in-class instruction which includes:
      • Instruction in and demonstration of the Foot Zone technique
      • Instruction in basic anatomy and physiology
      • Supervised practical application of the Foot Zone technique
      • Business and Professional Practitioner Ethics of Practice
  2. Administer comprehensive final exam(s) to include:
    • A Practical Exam to demonstrate to the instructor each students proficiency in the Foot Zone technique by performing a correct and complete Foot Zone in front of the instructor.
    • A comprehensive Written Exam or series of exams to demonstrate understanding of the Foot Zone technique, it’s use, basic anatomy / physiology (especially as it relates to the Foot Zone), business Standards of Practice and Ethics
  3. Require the completion of 50 documented Foot Zones before graduation
  4. Require the completion of at least 30 hours study time outside of class
Professional Standards of Practice
In order to promote public trust and maintain high standards of conduct within the Foot Zone profession:

  1. I agree that this Training Program and myself personally are currently and will continue to abide by all applicable local, state and national laws regarding running a business in the jurisdictions where we are operating, including licensure in the jurisdiction(s) of my business location(s).
  2. I agree that this Training Program does and will encourage continuing education and instruct students in the value of providing a disclosure statement to their clients.
  3. I agree to maintain accurate records and representations of certifications, education and training.
  4. I agree to ensure the safety of students, clients and practitioners and maintain a clean environment.
  5. I recognize that Foot Zone Practitioners are not trained to be medical professionals and I will not diagnose or prescribe for specific conditions nor teach my students to do so. I understand that observations found in the signal system of the feet refer to the signal of the specified part, organ or system and should be referred to as such when teaching my students how to in interact with their clients.
  6. I agree that this Training Program does and will encourage each Graduate to become a member of UFZA as a way to practice Foot Zone legally in the State of Utah.
  7. I agree to provide each Graduate an 8 character alphanumeric UFZA membership number as follows:
    • The first 3 characters will identify this Training Program as the one from which the Graduate was certified.
    • The next 2 characters will identify the Instructor in this Training Program who taught the Graduate and administered the exam.
    • The last 3 characters will identify the Graduate
  8. I agree to have a representative from this Training Program participate in and be in attendance at the Annual UFZA Conference.
  9. I agree to support the UFZA Conferences, encourage our students and instructors to attend. Our Training Program will refrain from scheduling conflicting events in Utah on the week-end of the UFZA Conference. I will not compete in any way with the efforts of the UFZA.
  10. I will never teach the use another modality to be used in conjunction with a Foot Zone Session which could potentially undermine the integrity of our profession.
  11. I will teach all students the Utah law which allows Foot Zone Practitioners to treat only the feet, hands or head of a client. I will teach that doing more than this will be in violation of Utah Law.
Code of Ethics
In order to promote public trust and maintain high standards of conduct within the Foot Zone profession, I shall personally and within my Training Program:

  1. Maintain a professional standard of honesty, integrity and fair play.
  2. Treat all Foot Zone Practitioners, Training Programs and other healthcare professionals in a courteous, respectful manner and uphold the honor of our profession.
  3. Be mindful of and respect the inherent worth, privacy and confidentiality of all individuals.
  4. Abide by the Professional Standards established by the Association.
  5. Pay annual dues to the UFZA to maintain my Training Program Membership.

Step 2: Program Info The UFZA requires your information for the Associations Training Program roster, some of this information will also be displayed in the association member directory.
Please Enter your Contact/Personal Information:

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Step 3: Photo (Optional) Your photo is optional for use on the Association Membership Directory, if you do not upload a photo a placeholder image will be used instead.
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Step 4: Fees

Thank you for your Utah Foot Zone Association Training Program Membership Application.

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