During the life of Dr. Charles Ersdal, developer of the Foot Zone Technique, he intently studied anatomy and physiology and continued to develop and perfect the treatments on the foot based on his increased understanding of how the body functioned.  All Foot Zone Practitioners, as they grow in skill and knowledge, develop specific techniques that they find useful in their practice and for their clients.  It is in keeping with the traditions of Charles Ersdal and in the spirit of unity that the idea of the Round-Table presentation was developed.

A Round-Table Presentation is a 13-minute Mini-Class given eight times throughout a 2-hour period.  The Presenter will present and/or demonstrate their topic, tip, or technique with up to nine Foot Zone Practitioners, seated around a table, observing.  After the 13-minute presentation time is up, a bell will sound and Practitioners have 2 minutes to move to a different table for a different presentation.  The Presenter then repeats the same presentation and/or demonstration for the new group of Practitioners at their table.  This is repeated throughout the 2-hour period.

The Committee’s goal for the Round-Table Presentations is to have top-notch, experienced Foot Zone Instructors and Practitioners presenting 13-minute mini-classes on:

  • a specific signal and/or body part (such as the psoas, the diaphragm, the uterus, the shoulder, etc.);
  • demonstrating foot zone tips, tricks, and techniques;
  • sharing information on energy holds or complementary modalities that they’ve found useful incorporating into their session; as well as
  • other information that may be relevant and useful during a foot zone session.

Presenting a Round-Table Presentation is a great opportunity for you to study more in-depth a specific signal and then share your knowledge with other practitioners, its an opportunity to share tips, tricks, and techniques that you find helpful during your sessions, and it’s an opportunity to support unity among Practitioners and continuing education within the field of Foot Zone Therapy.

We invite all certified Practitioners and Instructors to apply to Give a Round Table Presentation today!