Man has a skeptical attitude.How do we address a friend or family member that does not share the same beliefs with foot zoning or energy work? How do we share our experiences and excitement with them without being criticized? This question is asked of me all the time and seems to be a common issue in some relationships—this can be with spouses, family, and even children. I have found that each situation is slightly different but all will have common core issues, which is the lack of information and past personal experiences.

First we need to understand that this experience you have had, is yours not others, and it is almost impossible to explain the taste of good chocolate to someone who has never tasted it. Go ahead, try to explain chocolate. It is experienced not explained. That being said, we can do our best to bring knowledge to those we want to share our excitement with. Here is a list guidelines that I have found to be helpful:

  • Communication is the key; we should take the time to not only speak, but to listen.
  • Have a grown up conversation about it; put your grown up pants on.
  • Don’t talk to them as a parent or a boss. Talk to them as an equal.
  • Ask if you can share your experience.
  • Ask them if you can express what you feel.
  • Ask them to see your side.
  • Honor the experiences they have had, good or bad.
  • Teach and share by the Spirit.
  • Teach with love and a soft voice.
  • Always respect them and their point of view.
  • Never take their agency away.
  • If they just don’t want to listen, then have a spirit-to-spirit conversation.
  • Always use prayer.

Take a look at your own motives. Are you trying to proving a point, to change or fix them? Or are you looking to share your excitement? Always stay in “The Truth,” not “yours or their truth.” Educate yourself well and seek for understanding of the modality. Use scripture and quotes from historic and religious leaders to assist in your understanding, and be bold with your intent. Teach them with love and share by example—always be an example.

When we are walking into the park and want to feed the pigeons and we throw all the seed up in the air with the intent to attract the birds, we would scare them all away. But if we feed them little by little, slowly and surely, line upon line, or in this case, seed upon seed, we will gather more birds at our feet than we could ever imagine. Remember, “People of integrity expect to be believed, if not, We let time prove us right.” Always keep your integrity pure!

Brad Noall
We Do Feet Seminars