If you are a Professional Foot Zone Therapist or an owner of a UFZA Certified Training Programs we invite you to apply for Membership Clerk on the UFZA Board of Directors. Interviews will be at our next Board Meeting at 10:00 am via Google Hangout. If you are interested in serving, are willing to make time in your life to do so, want to become friends with some of the most amazing Foot Zone Therapists in our industry, and feel you can do the job, please send a picture and information about yourself and your experience to utahfza@yahoo.com

Membership Clerk Responsibilities

  • Attend a monthly 1 hr Board Meeting, typically held at 10:00 am on the 4th Tuesday of each month online via Google Hangout
  • Read and maintain the utahfza@yahoo.com emails
  • Maintain the UFZA online back office of memberships
  • Be available to respond to calls and/or emails of new members needing help registering
  • Determine eligibility of individuals who have been trained by non UFZA Training Programs
  • Participate on the Grievance Committee
  • The Membership Chairman may, if needed, train an assistant.

We look forward to meeting you. Please have your information to us by November 21st for our review.