koru_awardThe Koru Award is given annually at the Foot Zone Conference to someone within the Foot Zoning community who Embodies the Spirit of The Koru by:
  • Promoting the Trade of Foot Zoning,
  • Honoring the History while Promoting the Advancement of the Foot Zone Technique, and
  • Promoting Unity among Foot Zone Practitioners

Why The Koru Award?

As the Conference Committee began planning this year’s Foot Zone Conference, we knew we wanted to do something special.  Part of the mission of the Foot Zone Conference is to promote unity among Foot Zone Practitioners while bringing together the rich perspectives of all Practitioners to build a community where we can learn from one another.

At last year’s Conference we learned during our Opening Keynote presentation that the Koru is an integral symbol in Maori art, carvings, and tattoos and is often used as a symbol of Creation.  The scroll shape is linked to the New Zealand fern plants, specifically the New Zealand Silver Fern, and looks remarkably similar to the drill that every Foot Zone Student learns on their first day of class.

The Koru depicts New Beginnings, Growth, and Harmony, Peace, Tranquility, and Spirituality along with a strong sense of Personal Growth or a New Phase in Life.  This symbolism comes from the shoot of the fern.  As the curled-over tip unfurls it eventually become a fern leaf.

Embarking on the journey to become a Foot Zone Practitioner is a New Beginning, involves a lot of Personal Growth, and begins a New Phase in the Life of the Student.  Along the way, Students experience the Harmony, Peace, Tranquility, and Spirituality that develops as they recognize that they were directed to this modality for a reason.

The spiraling Koru, as it opens, brings New Life and Purity into the world.  As it reaches up towards the light, the new fern shoot strives for Perfection to encourage New Positive Beginnings or a New Start.  The spiral circular shape conveys the geometry of life being a Sacred Creation and the idea of Perpetual Movement.

As Foot Zone Practitioners we often find ourselves assisting and providing information to our clients that results in New Positive Beginnings or a New Start.

This concept of Sacred Creation and Perpetual Movement really resonated with our Committee too.  Every Foot Zone Practitioner can trace the beginnings of their practice to Dr. Charles Ersdal who, after being healed from paralysis after two years of reflexology treatments began a period of in-depth study and research to discover more about reflexology and to discover, specifically, why this modality worked for some but not for others.

As a result of his desire to know, Dr. Ersdal received his answer in a dream.  Now some may believe in dreams and others may only acknowledge that the mind continues to work as we sleep.  Regardless of where you fall on that spectrum, Charles took the information from his dream and began to develop a treatment which he called the Foot Zone Technique.  He continued to develop that technique throughout his life – Sacred Creation and Perpetual Movement.

The circular movement toward an inner coil suggests a Return to the Point of Origin, or as Charles Ersdal would say, “going back to the beginning” or the “original blueprint.”

Overall, the Koru represents the Unfolding of New Life, New Beginnings, Nurturing, Growth, Strength, Awakening, the Spirit of Rejuvenation, Peace & Movement that is shared with another person (Eternal Friendship).  Everything is reborn and continues, a renewal and hope for the future.


Our Committee felt that the symbolism depicted by the Koru was exactly what we wanted to bring to our Annual Foot Zone Conference!  We hope you’ll join us as we embrace the Spirit of The Koru!

Please follow this link to nominate the Foot Zone Practitioner who you feel embodies the Spirit of The Koru by:

  • Promoting the Trade of Foot Zoning,
  • Honoring the History while Promoting the Advancement of the Foot Zone Technique, and
  • Promoting Unity among Foot Zone Practitioners

The top three nominees will be announced in the Commemorative Book and the winner of The Koru Award will receive their Award Saturday afternoon prior to our Round Table Event.